Three goals behind my Personal Knowledge Management System

Three darts over a table

The tools to reach my goals

As a complement of my previous posts where I introduced the importance of a Personal Knowledge Management system and how to start a PKM plan, these are the three goals I would like to accomplish helped by my Rompecabezas blog:

1. Set up, definitively, a blog focused in how to reach the personal mastery providing my own findings supported by a PKM. This will help other people interested in becoming masters of their favorites topics / hobbies / lives.

2. Post, at least, once a week.

3. Gain insightful knowledge of WordPress functions to improve my business website [WordPress based] and my eCommerce affiliate blog (WordPress based too). This will help me to become a WordPress master and join [some day] the Automattic team.

Am I too ambitious?

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4 thoughts on “Three goals behind my Personal Knowledge Management System

  1. I find this concept of a PKM for personal knowledge to achieve a goal really fascinating. Currently at my day job we are working on a project that would be considered a knowledge base system for company information. I never would have considered using the same concept in my personal life to master a topic or hobby. Great post! I am eager to see how this works out for you.

  2. Thanks. The concept works equal if you use it in your personal environment. The main goal is to build the knowledge map and close the gap supported in the strategy you define. Of course, in a corporate environment there are additional concerns that must be addressed.

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