The “visits” I enjoyed

Neighbor woman

Is there someone there? I would like to talk!

I visited some blogs and made some comments after reading the respective posts. I found many interesting things that, of course, taught me about author´s lives and their experiences. I have always thought every time you know someone, there is something new that bring value to your life.

This is the list of the blog I visited with my comments:

The Crazy Writer

The TJ Blog

The Atul´s

Eric´s Blog


This post [“I only wish” by @debooworks] was my motivation to write my previous post: My desired skill.

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7 thoughts on “The “visits” I enjoyed

  1. I like the idea that you have published a post about visiting other people’s blogs and leaving comments (due to assignment requirements in 101 blogging), I may have to pinch this idea myself, hope you don’t mind? Thanks in advance 😉

  2. Thanks for enjoying my post. Though, I was planning to take off today from typing but this is the first time I am being mentioned (I think) in blogging world. Will get back tomorrow. Still would like to mention that your blogging style is unique and the overall blogsite catchy. Keep it up

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