My desired skill

Digital data

What does this data mean?

Reading comments I have received, after publishing my posts, I found the following [thanks to @debooWORKS] that called my attention [also it was posted by The Daily Post on January 8th]:

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

So, my answer is “Data Science“.

I have realized I am a little bit obsessed with data and how to interpret it in order to take better life decisions. For instance, I would like to obtain such skill to analyze the data I got when I go out for running. I have tracked 294 running sessions and 2357 Km since August 2011 but have not taken some decision using such information to improve my performance and avoid some sort of injuries that are common between runners.

At this time I don´t know how to extract such data to analyze it but I took a first step joining a course named Data Science Toolbox offered by Coursera.

Is there anyone over there with such skill?

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6 thoughts on “My desired skill

  1. this is an awesome skill to desire! i’m a computer science major at my university, and it’s a big field with a lot of work to do!

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