Blogging 101 as Personal Knowledge Management System

A banner inviting us to get more knowledge

A banner inviting us to get more knowledge

This Blogging 101 course is the foundation for building our Personal Knowledge Management [PKM] system.

Do you know why?

Because we are in the process of acquiring new knowledge [learning how to blog]; around us, there are many bloggers with the intention of sharing with us their knowledge and experiences; also, we are using a tool [this blogging platform] where we can express  our hobbies and interests, among other things.

The first step to build a PKM system is reflexive: Let´s ask questions as what we enjoy and what we need to improve our performance to achieve our personal and professional purposes.

The second step is to identify those persons that have the knowledge we need and are interested in sharing it with us. Of course, it is important that we have the intention to share with other the knowledge we have.

Would you like to answer these questions?

By the way, how are you storing, categorizing, and retrieving the acquired knowledge in Blogging 101?

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18 thoughts on “Blogging 101 as Personal Knowledge Management System

  1. I like the clean layout of your page, but i wish it had a bit more color to it. the grey on grey makes it seem like your posts won’t be very exciting, which of course isn’t true! interesting article about the PKM system. i’ve never really thought that hard about it so you gave me some stuff to think about! ~The TJ Blog

  2. You might want to work on the Menu and add some pages to it?! I need to do a little catch up on the weekend, as I am trying to manage 2 blogs – one professional and one for fun at the same time while training, plus I need to do my job, etc. So, I hope to keep my motivation up and be consistent with the program. Just keep going and do it as much as you can:)

  3. I’m pleased to meet a fellow knowledge sharing person. I’ve spent years trying to completely categorize knowledge, now I’m convinced that sharing experiences is more powerful. I’ve found it easier to translate a shared experience into tacit knowledge.

    I usually store and categorize information in mind maps, it’s easy to expand and transform them. They can grow along with your interests. It takes some time to get used to a tool like freemind but I find it pays off in the end, visualizing knowledge in a mindmap works well for me.

    Inspiring post, thanks for sharing

  4. Davy, thanks for sharing your knowledge. In my case [I will provide more detail in a coming post] I categorize the information using a combination of Web services: feedly, delicious, and Twitter lists. Also, I store specific info in Readability and Pocket. It would great to know how do you use mind maps to categorize your info.

  5. Ivan, I look forward to your post, I don’t know the web services you mention. I’ll write a post about mindmapping as well including an online example

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