“Landscaping” your blog: Does it really matter?

El Peñol

Landscape in El Peñol, Antioquia [Colombia]

Normally, the decision to start a blog becomes complicated when you have to think about several things: your time availability, frequency of writing, topics, sort of audience, motivations, and, last but not least important, the look and feel.

In my case, because of the topics I would like to write, I prefer a minimalist theme where distractions don´t exist and reader can be focused while reading. After checking some themes, this is the list I would consider to change mine from Typo to other.

1. Isola

2. Imbalance 2

3. Manifest

4. Syntax

5. Minnow

6. Boardwalk

7. Hemingway Rewritten

8. Suburbia

I will try with Boardwalk because of the concept of horizontal scrolling, customization options, and functionalities. See new theme with next post.

By the way, I didn´t see a theme I´d never use!

Photo credit: me, taken yesterday while looking for El Marial. Did you see the cross?


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