My blogging purpose

The best things in life are not things

Blogging must have a purpose

My name is Ivan Orozco and am very happy to start the new year with Blogging 101.

I live in Medellin [Colombia] with my wife and two kids. In August 2014, I began the process of becoming an entrepreneur in eCommerce technologies using strategies (as knowledge management, collective intelligence, smart working, and of course, several topics in eCommerce) that help me to develop something different.

I see Blogging 101 as an opportunity not only to learn blogging [I have started some but have not been a constant blogger] to facilitate personal and professional goals but to improve my English skills, something that has been a little bit hard [maybe I will switch to Spanish when I do not find the right words to write my thoughts].

I named this blog Rompecabezas [that means puzzle] because of the several topics I like and as way to share with others what I know and what I want to learn.

I am sure this learning process with Blogging 101 will bring to us the right tools to make us happy bloggers.

Photo credit: I am sorry with the author but do not remember where I got the photo


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